Lanyang Taiping, wandering in the forest-4 Days (3 Nights) Version A

  • ★ Itinerary Version: 4 Days (3 Nights) Version A
  • ★ Applicable Period: February -December
  • ★ Applicable Persons: 30-12O persons
  • ★ All prices are in NTD: NT$21,000


Day Time Schedule Description
1st Day AM 09:25-12:10 Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport or Songshan International Airport ->Yilan County
Lunch‧Local style cuisine
PM 14:00-16:30 Luodong Forestry Culture Garden
There are many houses of Japanese style maintained in the garden. There are also special scenes such as timber ponds and mini-trains. It is an exhibition hall that utilizes the original buildings for displaying the cultural relics and for ecological education.
18:00-20:00 Luodong Night Market‧Dinner
Accommodation: hotel in Luodong
2nd Day AM 08:00-09:30 Luodong Sports Park
There are three main themes of the sports park: water, green and health. The complete design idea is to integrate Taiwanese local features with the Lan Yang style of living.
10:00-14:00 Inter-school communication
*Learn about local dietary culture, handcrafts and communication in English
Lunch‧Sansing green onion pancake DIY
PM 14:00-19:00 Qilan Forest Recreation Area
Qilan, about 420 meters above sea level, is facing the joint point of three rivers, i.e. Lanyang River, Duowang River and Tiengur River. It is now expanded into “Qilan Forest Recreation Area”
Experience a local style meal
Accommodation: Chilan Hotel
3rd Day AM 09:00-12:00 Taipingshan‧Jiancing Historic Trail
Jiancing Historic Trail is reconstructed from parts of previous the “Jiancing timber transportation trail” of Taipingshan. Due to the collapse of some sections, it is available for access up to 0.9 km.
Lunch‧Mountain products cuisine
PM 14:00-17:00 Jiuzhize Hot Spring
Jiuzhize Hot Spring was previously known as Hsiaosuei which means geothermal hot springs. In the Japanese colonial period, Japanese called it “Hatonozawa”
Experience a local style meal
Accommodation: Chilan Hotel
4th Day AM 08:00-12:00 Yulan Tea Garden‧Tea Jelly DIY‧tea style cuisine
The area of Yulan Tea Garden is about 500 acres. When you walk on the trail surrounded by tea trees, it is refreshing. Yulan Tea Garden and Ying Zhu Hsian are highlights of Lanyang 18 attractions.
PM 12:00-14:00 Yilan County->Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or Songshan International Airport


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