Embracing Ocean Coast, Looking Beautiful Mountain-5 Days (4 Nights) Version C

  • ★ Itinerary Version: 5 Days (4 Nights) Version C
  • ★ Applicable Period: February -June, September-December
  • ★ Applicable Persons: 40-120 persons
  • ★ All prices are in NTD: NT$32,000


Day Time Schedule Description
1st Day AM 09:25-12:10 Depart Tokyo Narita Airport->Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport (Japan Airlines)
Taoyuan International Airport ->Taipei Songshan International Airport (Tour bus)
PM 17:30-18:20 Taipei Songshan International Airport ->Taitung Airport (Mandarin Airlines)
Dinner‧Experience local style meal
18:30-22:00 Taitung Railway Art Village ‧Teihua Village
It was a previous Taitung Railway Station. After remodeling of the old station, the previous platforms were reconstructed into Taitung Railway Art Village. The Village integrates the art performances, railway culture and tourism information of Taitung area now. It is a very precious attraction with old memories.
Accommodation: Formosan Naruwan Hotel & Resort Taitung
2nd Day AM 08:00-09:30 Taitung Forest Park
In addition to artificial lakes-“Huosuei Lake”, there are two precious seashore wetlands “Pipa Lake” and “Lushih Lake” in the park. It is a wonderful place to study the ecology, bird-watch and walk.
10:00-14:00 Inter-school communication‧Lunch
*Learn about aboriginal culture handcrafts DIY, courses interchange, communication in English and Japanese.
PM 14:30-17:30 Shanyuan-Fushan Fish Recovery Area
The northern end area of the beach is a natural ocean classroom that has a tropical coral reef and an amazing undersea scene.
Jinzun Recreation Area is composed of landscapes such as cove, offshore reef, long beach and coast cliffs. Because the shape of the bay looks like a glass of wine, it is named “Jinzun (Golden Bottle)”.
“Dulan Sugar Factory Culture Park” is a place with an artistic atmosphere and a performance venue for local tribes and cultural art groups.
Dinner‧Local style cuisine
Accommodation: Formosan Naruwan Hotel & Resort Taitung
3rd Day AM 08:00-12:00 Taitung City->Chishang Township (Tour bus) Dapochih Wetland
Dapochih Wetland is a precious wetland with various species. There are many unique plants and a wonderful habitat to attract special birds or animals.
Brown Avenue
Brown Avenue is officially named as Jinxin No.3 Road. There are important attractions, such as Takeshi Kaneshiro tree, Jinyuan Laundry Pavilion, Fujuin Cycling Track.
PM 12:00-13:30 Lunch‧Chihshang’s Lunchbox Museum
14:00-17:00 Golden Harvest Museum
Golden Harvest Museum is a factory tour of rice designed for integration of leisure and education by Chih-Shang Farmer’s Association.
Hakka Culture Park
The architectural modeling in the park is constructed in the traditional eastern rural building style. Corridors and natural materials (stones, timbers, bamboos and plants) with partial steel materials to shape the standard eastern rural buildings with courtyard.
Wuling Green Tunnel
Wuling Green Tunnel has camphor trees and casuarina along the trail and with cool shade. When you ride on a bike around, it is wonderful to enjoy the views of blue sky, lush mountains and green tea gardens.
Luye Gaotai hot air balloon area
The hot air balloon area is located in the middle of Luye tableland. An international hot air balloon festival is held between June and August every year. The location is a hotspot used for grass gliding in ordinary days when there are no hot air balloon activities.
19:00-21:00 Dinner‧ Local style meal experience
Accommodation: Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa
4th Day AM 08:00-12:00 Luye Township->Jhihben (Tour bus) – Jihben National Forest Recreation Area
The recreation area is surrounded by mountains and separated from lively hot spring hotels by the Jihben watershed. It is the best place for mountain climbing, hiking, bird-watching, butterfly-watching, academic study, tours and forest bathing.
Lunch‧ Local style meal experience
PM 14:00-17:00 Tribal Tour-Sapulju Paiwan Tribe
The Paiwan Tribe is located at Xinxing Village, Jinfong Township and there are eight tribe leaders of Sapulju. The stones before the doors describe the family histories of the leaders. The houses of eight leaders in the tribe are open for visiting. There are programs such as Roselle garden course, weaving, carpentry, archery and dances.
Dinner‧ Local style meal experiencing
19:30-21:00 Exploring around Jhihben hot spring old street
Accommodation: Chihpen Century Hotel
5th Day AM 08:30-10:30 Chihben->Taitung City (Tour bus) – Church of Kung-Tung Technical Senior High School
The small church on the top of the building fully utilizes the space of the slanted roof. The surfaces of walls are sprayed with coarse concrete, the dim light dramatically goes through the main axis of the church, and the mosaic colored glasses induce a characteristic atmosphere that is heavy, dark and full of religious symbolism. The quiet space of the church is compatible with the space arrangement in the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp and Couvent de la Tourette designed by famous architect Le Corbusier.
11:45-12:45 Taitung Airport ->Taipei Songshan International Airport (Mandarin Airlines)
PM 16:10-20:30 Taipei Songshan International Airport ->Taoyuan International Airport (Tour bus)


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